Friday, August 13, 2010


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These days people really are into recycling old or used items.
I have been trying to find things that could be redone, and reused without
spending a lot of money, which, needless to say, is scarce around here!
There are lots of things  around the house that can be recycled and made useful.
And beautiful!
Almost everyone has empty glass jars in their kitchens  taking up space.
Like pickle jars, jelly jars,etc.
Sometimes we throw them in the trash just to get rid of them.
But they can become quite useful.
These are glass pickle jars that I hand painted  with my usual roses,and a few other flowers.
They can be used for lots of different things:
To store scented bath salts,
cotton balls,
And they are really good for storing pins and small sewing supplies. 

An old Taster's Choice coffee jar.
They no longer make the glass ones.

Just to change a bit:
And Daisies
A bit more to do to these.

All these were painted in my spare time,
Some with Folk Art Enamels.
Others with decals I painted on coffee filters!
I loved doing it.
You could also use stickers, or cutouts if you are not into painting.
I have seen people use pressed flowers.
The list goes on and on.

This large vase

Look around,
I bet you can find  lots of things to redo and make useful!
There is beauty all around....
You just have to look for it.
Sometimes in unexpected places.
Crank up the paint brushes and give it a try!!

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  1. I really do like your style and your colour combination, nice to see such a gorgeous crafted jars.