Saturday, September 18, 2010


With fall arriving, it is getting to be "Apple Time."
Nothing better than a nice juicy apple, and they are good for you too!
Pictures of some apples- not sure what some of them are.
Don't they make you want to take a bite!!

These are from a tree in my Niece's yard.
I do not know the name, but they are good to cook,
good to eat.
It is an old tree that has been there awhile.
It is usually loaded with apples.


This is my favorite apple of all time;
Honey Crisp.

These apples are large, crisp, sweet and juicy!
Last year was the first time I had seen any around here,
They seem to be grown in Northern States.
Very expensive..$3.99 lb.
But in my opinion they are well worth  the price.
Wish I had one right now!

My Mother used to can bushels of apples every year.
Living on a mountain farm, and with so many children it was necessary.
And we ate it all!
We called applesauce "fruit". 
We didn't call peaches, pears,grapes and others by that name.
Just applesauce.
Don't ask me why we called applesauce "fruit" and nothing else.
It was just our way.
After all, Mountain people are somewhat different than people from other places.

Have a Happy, Blessed week-end.

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