Saturday, September 11, 2010


The dogwood berries are red!

 I guess fall  is just around the corner.
I am still working with my gourds....these were from another year,
I had never gotten around to doing anything with them.

 They look like they are having a gossip fest!

 I am wanting to make a gourd birdhouse.
So I picked a nice fat one!
This one has been cleaned (by me).
It still has brown spots on it, but that is just it's color.
The outside coating has been soaked and scraped off.

I drilled holes in the top, and drain holes in the bottom.
(Don't have pics of that part.)
Sprayed it with sealer.

I messed up drilling the hole!!
I think I had the wrong tools.
(my excuse.)
Any way the birds don't care, and I can hide some of it
when   it is painted.

Two coats of spray paint on the outside.
I will let it dry for awhile, and
It is ready for the design!

All through, except for a wire to hang it.
This is a bluebird house.
  I did not place a perch, I read that helps keep predators,
and other birds away. 
I am still not too happy with the size of the hole,
next time I will do better

I finally finished and took it outside,
and hung it in a tree, Just to see how it looks.
I am happy with it, 
next spring it will be ready for my bluebird friends!

But I will have someone else  drill the hole!
 Yard sale today!
Sunday is Homecoming at our Church.
This has been a busy week for me.
Some people get bored in retirement...
I have so many things going on in my life, I never think about being bored!
And I am thankful for it all.
 Blessings on any one who may look at this post!
Early Sunrise from my front deck.

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