Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, Fall is almost here...where did summer go?
At the beginning of the planting season, Jeremy planted  3 Gourd seed,
from a bunch of dried gourds I had left from other years.
They are supposed to be planted to grow on a trellis or some other place,
Where they can  climb.  
But we just left these on the ground, and didn't pay them too much attention.

They are still blooming.
Gourd blooms are really very pretty.
We have all sizes of gourds.

there are babies..

Middle sized,

And large.


 I counted 15 still on the vines. 
These are called "birdhouse" gourds,
and that is what I will do with them. 
They have to be left on the vine until the vine dies,
and they start turning tan.
Takes awhile for them to be ready to use.
They make beautiful, and useful birdhouses.
I have started working on one left from another year, 
and as soon as I finish it,
I will post pictures. 


Next  year I hope to plant lots of gourds.
There are so many different kinds ,
Large" kettle" gourds, small "apple" gourds,
my "birdhouse" gourds, and many others.
I am looking forward to working on my gourd birdhouses.
And I WILL show pictures!

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty,
even in ordinary things, 
Never grows old."


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