Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love and Old Jewelry

Looking through some old jewelry,
I came across this set that I have saved for many years.
To a casual observer, it doesn't look like much.
there is a story behind it!


My husband gave me this set when I was 14 years old, 
He was 16.
Growing up in the mountains, the son of a mountain preacher,
there just wasn't much money to be had.
He had one pair of Sunday pants, and one Sunday shirt.
He went to work at a sawmill...hard work.
As any one who has ever worked at a place like this knows.
He saw this set, and thought it was pretty, and bought it ,
it was supposed to be for Christmas..
But he gave it to me in October!
He's just like that.
I wore it a lot, even though it was not what you might call "appropriate"
for casual wear.
I remember a girl  saying to me one time,
"Did you know you are not supposed to wear that
for everyday?" 
I knew...
But love is more important than fashion.
Fashion changes from day to day..love will last.
You just don't mess with love! 
We didn't know, or care much about fashion.
I still don't.

Sometimes, I stop and think about us, as we were then.
Two mountain children..growing up with very little in the way of material things.
But rich beyond measure in  the Love of God, 
our Christian Heritage.

56 years later, I still have the set, and still have the man.
And the Love!

I can truly say;
I Have Been Blessed!

All by The Grace Of God.

By the way...
I still like bright, shiny, glittery stuff!!!

Love and Blessings,


  1. That's a very nice poem. i liked it from the bottom of my heart :)

    you are surley blessed, and so far blessed Ma'a \m :)


  2. I like it too, and what a sweet story about your dear hubby. My hubby was in the Navy and he didn't make much money. For my 15th birthday he handed me a bag with my gift - I was totally shocked to see "Head and Shoulders". Did I have dandruff?? Then I pulled it out of the bag and it said "White Shoulders", a very expensive perfume. He didn't have the money to have it wrapped and I tell you I kept that perfume for years. And still wear the same brand now.
    Great post.