Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I take part in a program called Memory Boxes.
Artists, (or any one) can paint boxes to be delivered to hospitals,
and given to parents who have lost an infant, or never got to
bring their baby home.
They are used to hold pictures, or locks of hair, tiny footprints, and papers pertaining to their birth.
Many times it seems these little ones are forgotten by the world.
Moms and Dads can keep these boxes with remembrances of their baby,
and it seems more special for them to be hand painted.

We live in a busy world, and  even though I am retired, seems like I still stay busy all the time,
never have enough time to do what really needs to be done.
When I started this blog, I wanted it to put forth a Christian view,
let  any one who might read it know that no matter who you are, 
or what ever your circumstances,
there is One who loves you.
He loves the young people just starting out in life, 
He loves the middle aged,
He loves the ones who have had many years on this earth, 
He loves the little ones who were only here  for a few moments.
All are precious in His sight.

Here are a couple of boxes I am hoping to send.
Being me, I had to do roses;

This one is decals painted on coffee filters!

The image on this one is from a free Victorian clip art site.
I copied the picture and pasted it on.
All the rest are hand painted.

One  more;
Painted with sponges, 

There are many hospitals participating in this program, 
always  a waiting list for boxes.
A very worthy program.
The Lord can use even the small things in life, like a hand painted box,
For a much larger purpose! 

'Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me.
"Yes , Jesus loves me.
     The Bible tells me so" 

 Yes, He does!

 Blessings on All,

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