Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another day of  city driving..
but everything seems better today.
All Dr. appointments are over for awhile.

The news keeps issuing tornado watches for our area.
Unusual and scary weather!

Huge oak trees in our yard.

With beautiful leaves.
Especially in Autumn.

Looking up..

No wonder the squirrels like to live up here!

These are lovely trees..with one small drawback..

These acorns are tiny,
If the wind is blowing they are like bullets bombarding you!
And the yard is full of them!

In God's great Universe,
Everything has its place.
Even Mighty Oaks
 tiny Acorns!
And that is a comforting thought!

"No cloud can overshadow a true Christian,
his Faith will discern a rainbow in it."
Bishop Horne


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