Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Great Grandson Brayden.
Holding a picture of his Great grand Parents (us.)
Which makes us very happy!!!
His Mom said when she came into the room
he had gotten this picture down, 
was sitting there looking at it.
He is fascinated with his Paw Paw!

Little "out door" man!

His Dad says he is taking him fishing with him all the time..
..when he is two!
I tell him.."hang out" with your Son."
He is the best friend you can have!

These years are so short!

We have two children,
Three grandchildren'
Three great Grandchildren.

All are precious..
from the oldest to the youngest!
We are blessed.

Wishing everyone a happy day.

Here, In My Heart

I don't want to kiss you goodnight,
so I'll just keep holding you tight!
Because I know, you'll change and you'll grow...
You'll get bigger with each morning light. 

I know that the sky is full of stars,
and dreams will call your name from afar...
I'm anxious to see all you're going to be,
but I'm sure gonna miss who you are! 

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart,
and I'll memorize each little part.
One day you will grow, and I'll miss you so,
But I'll keep you right here, in my heart.

Each tooth that you'll gain or lose...
Each time you'll need bigger shoes...
Each step that you take, will be further away,
but to stop you is not what I choose. 

These fingers that curl around my hand,
must do things that no other can.
I know your not mine, but Gods own design,
and I want you to follow His plan. 

But I'll keep you right here, in my heart...
And I'll memorize each little part!
Because one day you'll grow, and I'll miss you so...
But I'll keep you right here, in my heart!

~author unknown 



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  1. That is a beautiful poem. Aren't grandchildren the best?