Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have been watching my gourds.
Today I went ahead and  pulled them..
Some look pretty good,
Some not so good.
I will let them cure through the winter months,
And hopefully next spring I can use them.
When Jeremy was planting the garden in the spring,
He threw a few seeds in the ground.
Didn't do much to them, and they grew!

The patch.

Here they are!

These are dry.
They will have to be soaked and scrubbed
to get the black mold off.
They look bad, but that's just the way gourds are.
With a little "elbow grease" they will come out nice and smooth.

I am leaving the "not so dry" ones out here.
Hopefully they will dry so I can use them next year.
We will see what happens.

Today's card.

Have a blessed day.

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