Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Sunrise picture.

I was sitting in the Dr.'s waiting room,
waiting on my daughter, when I saw these birds out the window..
they were a long way off, I might add.
So I thought to myself,".I might as well get a picture."
When she came out from seeing the Dr. and saw me standing
there with my camera pointed out the window, she said...
"Mama, what in the world are you doing??"
"Just trying to get a picture!!!!"
"Can't you see?"
People are beginning to think I am nuts!!

These are not very plain, but anyway.....

Some would come,sit awhile, and then fly away,
but the big guy just kept sitting there.
It is amazing what you can see just sitting in a waiting room!

There are so many trees in our yard,
it is hard to get a good sunrise or sunset picture.

Brayden, looking at our tree.

Have a Happy Day!
God Loves You!!!


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