Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have been randomly taking pictures,
I guess you would say practicing with my camera.
And learning a bit along the way,
 But mostly just because I enjoy it!
And that is a big help in life..being able to enjoy what you do.
After all, I am not trying to be a professional,
 just showing things that mean something to me.
 Even the most simple, mundane things have a story to tell.
This is another sunrise on our street,
It had been raining, you can see some of the mist,and the wet street.
The Sun is trying to break through.

This flower pot doesn't look like much..
except there is a green vine growing in the dead of winter!
Some might call it a weed, but in my eyes a  miracle.
Cheerful on a cold winter day!
Thanks for looking.
Wishing you a bright,sunshiny, happy day.
Thank God for all his miracles...
Big and small!

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