Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

At times I like to get out and walk around with my camera.
Yesterday was such a day.
Never know what you might find!
This bush is in my neighbor's yard. 
Beautiful, brilliant red berries.

Birds have been flying in and out of the birdhouses.
Maybe getting ready to nest???

After all the cold and snow (And I know there will be more!)
..If you look closely..there is a purple flower.
And greenery.
A Dandelion.
What a cheerful color.
The Dandelion is way down on the list of flowers..
but it surely can send a ray of sunshine on a dreary day!
This has been a nice weekend.
We got to see some good friends up from Georgia.
My home State!
We had not seen them in awhile so it was good to just sit and talk.
When you grow up together, you have lots of memories in common.
I am thankful for all my friends..old and new.
 It does the heart good to remember old times.

Have a blessed day.
God is good!


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