Saturday, January 1, 2011

My neighbor had several large trees in his yard..
when he had them cut, 
all the squirrels came to live in my two big trees.
There are 16 squirrel nests in these two trees.
In the morning I sometimes see them coming down the tree trunk,
ready to start their day.
Should I offer them a cup of coffee?

Another year has begun.
I do not make New Year's resolutions..
but I hope to be able to do more in the Lord's work in 2011.
And perhaps be a help to someone along the way.
There is much to do!
Have a happy day,
many blessings on all!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Shirley! Doing more to please the Lord sounds like a perfect resolution to me. I think we all should give that one a try! Marcia

  2. Blessings Shirley, I think you should offer the squirrels a cup of peanuts, we use to leave a bowl on the porch for ours but since we got Chloe cat it's not such a good idea anymore. Happy New Year and many blessings in the Lord!