Sunday, January 23, 2011


As I was coming home today,
I counted all the Churches in an area of about five miles.
These are all on one stretch of road.
I counted eight..not all the same denomination.
And on our other side there are two more within walking distance.
Some are large, and some are smaller.
It seems that God has provided a place for anyone to worship,
what ever your denomination ,or your preferences might be.
We live in what is called "The Bible Belt",
and I am glad!

The old Gospel Ship is still sailing through the storm.
Nothing can stop her, For Jesus is her day she will sail into the Home Port!!
The Old ship of Zion unfailing,
All over life's ocean now sailing.
Defying the tempest, She's riding the foam.
The old ship of Zion is sailing for Home.
Old hymn

Happy Sunday
Keep looking up!!

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