Tuesday, June 21, 2011

These pictures were made at my insurance company.
They always have flowers blooming.
I love the yellow color..cheerful.!

Today I did something a little different.
Usually I make container candles,
 but today I tried my first pillar.
It turned out pretty well..now to see how it burns.
I did have a bit of a mess..I didn't have my mold sealed right,
and some wax leaked!
Live and learn.. I'll just keep it and use it later.

A young man from our area was killed in Afghanistan last week.
His funeral was yesterday.
Some people from another state had intended to stage a protest at his funeral..
..It did not work.
In a show of support for him and his family, crowds of people lined the road for miles.. all the way to the church.
There were police, firemen ,The Patriot Freedom Riders and others from every town around in the procession..even from Charlotte.
God takes care of His own!
Please lift  the young men and women defending our country up in your prayers.
Rest In Peace  Nic O"Brien!

Blessings on all ,

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