Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4

Independence day is almost over, everyone around here  waiting for the fireworks displays.
Due to severe thunderstorms many will be canceled.
We are spending the evening at home anyway..
The best place to be on a stormy evening.
A few vintage Patriotic pictures.

God Bless America!
Can any flag be as beautiful as the flag of the
United States Of America!


  1. Thanks for visiting my design blog Shirley! I'm glad you liked what you saw. If I can ever design something something for your lovely blog, please let me know. :)
    Havw a wonderful week!
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  2. Love the vintage post cards for the 4th. Back in the day, everyone was proud to fly the American flag, took off their caps at a ballgame etc etc. The flag flew in front of our home every day when I was growing up and has flown in front of our cottage since an hour after we moved in. Only time we take it down is for vacation. Don't want someone to take it. Why did it take 9/11 to get the flags flying again? I remember traveling to NY that September and being in PA and seeing the flags flying on every home, every business. Gives me chills right now just thinking of the awesome beauty in seeing that. Before I write a book, blessings on your day.