Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
My pinks for this week.
I never grow tired of doing this pink post every week,
And many thanks to Ms. Beverly for hosting this every Saturday.
Drop over and view some of the beautiful pinks..from all over the world.
Isn't blogging a nice way to meet others, and see things we wouldn't be
able to see otherwise?

I thought this Zinnia was kind of odd.
A flower blooming on top of another flower!

Teapot..made by a friend.
I love it..I love all teapots!
And all pink roses.

Wishing all a peaceful night with sweet dreams,
and A happy day tomorrow!


  1. What a lovely pink post. Love the zinna and of course the rose.happy pink saturday

  2. Cool picture of the zinnia. I've never seen anything like that before. Happy 4th of July and PS!

  3. That is a first for me. Seeing a double decked zinnia. That is just so neat.

  4. Love the pink roses...and I've never seen a Zinnia like that either. Fun! I agree with the post above. Flowers DO make everything better.


  5. So pretty and two of my favorite things, teapots and pretty flowers! HPS a bit late and enjoy the 4th of July! Anne

  6. OH OH OH...your teapot is hand painted by Betty Platner, Porcelain Treasures, is it not? I recently did a post on my teacup and lacy serving dish. I believe it is the same pattern as your teapot. If not the same, very close indeed. Yes, I do love the two zinnia's growing on top of each other. Happy PS, however late!