Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was looking through my pictures, and came across these
Dogwood blooms..I know Spring is over and the blooms have faded for this year,
But to me they are always beautiful,and they speak Hope to my soul.
 Seeing them brought back some memories from yesterday.
It was a dark time in the life of our family..My Mom was living out her last days
in a nursing home bed, my Brother was seriously wounded, and not expected to live,
or if he did, to be unable to walk or communicate.
The rest of us lived hundreds of miles apart.
My brother was trying to oversee things for both Mom and my other Brother.
It was an extremely stressful time for him, as well as the rest of the family.
I had gotten to the point where I dreaded to hear the telephone ring,
Always looking for more bad news.
One day my brother called..I think it was in February..I know it was cold and
dreary, maybe a bit of snow on the ground.
"You know, I saw the strangest thing today",
"I was up at Ernest's cabin, there is a dogwood tree in the yard ",
Most of the leaves had fallen, and the ones left were dry and brown."
The tree looked dead...
Except one limb was covered in white Dogwood blooms!
My heart felt lighter, and Hope came back into my soul.
 God knew we needed encouragement,
And this was His way of saying "I haven't forgotten you,
I will not forsake you."
He can make roses bloom in the desert...
And Dogwoods bloom in the cold, dark winter.
He is a Great God!


  1. Welcome to Soli Deo Gloria. Oh, you have blessed my heart with this story. We are in desperate need of rain with none in site, but this reminds me that God is a God that is not defined by the normal behavior of seasons!

  2. We all need a little branch of blooming dogwood. Glad you found encouragement during a rough time in your family.


  3. What a wonderful post! Your photos are wonderful, they lift the spirit!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine