Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Good Day

Some days in our lives are good..some not so good, but we can always count our blessings
Yesterday was a good day for me.
Since my husband became disabled, yard work is almost impossible for him,
 So our grandson, Jeremy, does the outside work around our place.
Yesterday he came over to cut grass..and brought me a beautiful new
Red Japanese Maple ,which he grew from a cutting.
And he set out my two new Knockout roses..I have high hopes for my yellow rose. I love yellow roses.
The yard looks nice, I have a new tree, my roses are safely in the ground..
it was a good day.
Wishing you a good day, too!


  1. Beautiful and what a sweet grandson you have. That makes beautiful plants even more treasured because he grew and then planted them for you. Blessings.

    1. He is a sweet boy! Don't know what we would do without him.

  2. You're happy to have a such great grandson, Shirley. These Japanese Maple tree and knockout roses will give you joy every day from now on.