Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Corn..and Other Things

This is my corn looks like nothing but weeds.
It has been a particularly rainy season..which made it hard to get in there to work.
Finally, I just let the weeds grow.

But that corn did not mind the weeds..and just grew...big and sweet!
I have a freezer full.
I got a nice, butterfly bonus while picking the corn.
This has been a busy day.
I am blessed!


  1. I smiled when I saw your corn patch because years ago me and the kids went to Iowa and stayed at Grandma's farm, and she had rows and rows of corn in the fields. We had such a good time that summer. I bet your corn is delicious.


  2. Thank you, Sheri for the nice comment. Yes, the corn is delicious..even thru the weeds!