Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Old Dish

Cleaning out closets and cabinets..I found this old dish.
From the first set of dishes we had when we started housekeeping.
This is the only piece left.
It is beat up...but brings back many memories!
Have a great day.


  1. That is pretty. I have some of mine on a ledge instead of in the cupboard. It works fine for me. I love old things and antique. My kids don't so I better enjoy them myself. As when I die. They will sell it. That is what my brothers and sisters did when my Mom died. They wanted nothing . She had given me lots of plates so now I put them out and everyone likes them. Now one lady she uses her 's with company. Each a different plate but her guests love the idea and have started themselves to do it.. . I have my Moms plates that she fed her 5 kids with and they were so pretty for every day plates. My opinion.

    1. This is the only piece I have left. My daughter has the sugar bowl and creamer.I love old things too.I have an old platter that my great,great Grandmother had...from back in the 1800's.Not at all pretty...but so much history!