Thursday, September 25, 2014


We have had constant  rainy drizzle the last couple of days.
I love water drop pictures, so I went outside (in the drizzle) and took a few.
The roses will be gone soon, and I have read there is a disease that will kill all the Knockout roses.
This makes me sad..I have enjoyed having my knockouts.
We had a rose garden for awhile, but in our area it is almost impossible to keep black spot disease  away.
With these roses there is hardly any worry...until now.
I guess with every good thing...there is a bad side!
Have a blessed day.


  1. Shirley, there's nothing prettier than roses, and especially with a few drops of morning dew on them. This Header is so pretty. I like it better than the one you just had. I was wondering what you meant on your comment when you said, "Your pictures are always so plain." Didn't know what you meant. I hope you liked the white horse pictures. I rode a wild horse at my brother-in-law's ranch one time, and he gave me the ride of my life.

    Have a good Friday.


    1. I think I used the wrong choice of words..I meant that your pictures are always clear and beautiful..I love seeing your pictures and your writing.

      I think I used the wrong choice of words when I said "plain'.I meant your pictures are always clear and beautiful. I always enjoy seeing them..And I love your blog..and your writings.I think sometimes things just come out differently than we intend! Thank you for visiting, and for your comments.Keep posting!