Thursday, June 2, 2016


I like to take pictures, and I like to post them , on Facebook and on my blog.
This blog doesn't have a huge amount of followers,
but people from all over the world see it.
 We live in a troubled world,and we see and hear lots of bad things,things can bring the spirit down, really low.
 Many times an inspirational picture or word from above can lift some one's spirits and brighten a dark day, and cause us to look the Heavens.
We have a loving Heavenly Father who uses different ways to speak to His creation.
And..His ways are right.
Have a blessed day, and keep looking up!


  1. What a very special lady you are, Shirley. I think it's nice when our words get to the heart of the reader. And your words spoke to my heart this evening, Shirley.

    love, ~me