Monday, December 7, 2009


Sometimes it is hard to get in the spirit of decorating for Christmas! And since there is just two of us here now(Most of the time) even harder-but I always feel the need to do something!It really is an exciting time of year,beautiful music, good food and Presents!!!

I was given this 6 ft. artificial pre-lit tree by my grandson.He thinks we need a bigger tree. This tree had been used, but the box seemed full- I was all ready to set it up but alas when I opened it, only half of the tree was there! No one knows where the other half is!

So I had to go back to my very small "fiber-optic" tree that I have been using for a few years.This picture is dark, but the little tree is really is quite pretty with the light shining on it. And it gets the job done!! I turn it on early in the morning when I first get up and feel very cozy sitting there with just me and the tree! And Santa Clause usually finds us though it is small.

 Pictures of a few of my decorations;
This wreath is hanging in my kitchen.I have had it for years. I have lots of old decorations, and many things given to me over the years.I can't bear to part with any, though I might not use them every year.Most were given in love, and you hang on to  love in this troubled world -it  is a most precious commodity.

  The snowman was hand made by a dear friend, and the birdhouse was made by Leroy.We had a little "business" going for awhile  selling hand made and decorated bird houses. We actually worked well together! And we sold a lot of birdhouses. It was fun,might get back into it. Most everybody likes birds, and it is nice having them in the yard!

  The little angel bear was a gift and the poinsettias are just silk. These are very simple decorations, I tried to get pictures of the outside lights, but I need some more(lots more) training with my camera! I have boxes of decorations, but am going a little less this year. The only bad part of decorating is having to take them down after the Holiday is over!
I have been thinking more about the real meaning of Christmas-the Birth of Our Lord.That is what Christmas is all about, and the reason to rejoice! God's Gift to the world!! And in the last days of 2009 it is good to remember The Love Of God!!


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