Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When I was a child I was afraid of just about everything,being alone in the dark,people I didn't know,strange dogs, anything out of the ordinary would send me scurrying to Mama! I knew I could run to her and she would protect me from the unknown. She was my refuge.
  As an adult there are still times that I find myself afraid of the unknown.In a troubled world we have to face so many different problems every day,banks close, all savings are gone, bills pile up, strife within the family, sickness comes and weakens the body and mind. And even today I am still afraid of the dark!
  But in the darkest days of life we still have a refuge, One who can keep us through the most troubled times. A light in the darkness,Hope in disappointment, his Love can sustain a weak body, and his mercy can reach into the depths of a troubled mind and bring peace.

Life is sometimes scary, and we all become afraid, but He can keep us through the storm. He is our Refuge! 

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