Monday, March 15, 2010


I am still playing around with my Photos.
Had a lot of fun doing these different backgrounds, and designs.

 I learned a little bit about some of the birds while doing this .
If I go overboard with the flowers, that's just the way I am!

 Blue Bird Of Happiness
The myth of "The Blue Bird Of Happiness" goes back thousands of years.
The bluebird is a widely accepted symbol of cheerfulness, and renewal of springtime.
What ever they represent, I love Bluebirds , we have them in our backyard. And they are already "setting up house keeping" in the backyard bird house. They usually raise two or more families every year. And they make us happy!!!
New York State Bird


The male Cardinal is bright red, the female a dull red brown.
For some reason I  associate Cardinals with dogwood blossoms,
and always with evergreens and Christmas.
They look so cheery!
 State bird of North Carolina,W.Va, Ohio,Illinois, Indiana,
Kentucky and Virginia. 

A small common songbird-if you can call any bird common.
The State Bird of both Maine and Massachussetts.
You see many paintings of chickadees. They are fun to paint, and I love their
black caps!

There is a legend that in the beginning the Robin was a plain brown bird.
When Jesus was hanging on the cross, the Robin flew to His side, and fanned its wings to try to comfort Him in His agony.
The Blood from His wounds stained the Robin's breast, and ever after  all Robins have the mark of His Blood on their breast.
State Bird of Connecticut, Michigan, Wisconsin

Sometimes known as Wild Canary.
Male brilliant yellow in summer, olive in winter.
Female dull yellow brown.
State bird of Iowa, New Jersey and Washington. 

House Finch
As usual, the male is the brighter color-He is the one with the red  on his head and breast.
The female is brown.
Cheerful little birds.

Brown Thrasher
State Bird of Georgia.
My Home State!

All the bird and flower pictures came from catalogs and different places on the web.
All the borders and backgrounds  were done with Microsoft Picture-It.
Sad to say, Microsoft no longer supports photo editing.
A shame because this is the easiest one  for someone like me to use.
Wishing much happiness to all, and long life to the birds .
The world  needs them!


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  1. I love what you have done with the birds. Must be a special program. These would be lovely painted also.