Monday, August 9, 2010


Pictures  from long ago.

probably taken during World War One
My Dad's older brother is in it. (I Think)
His name is on the back of the picture

* * *

My Dad's family in the early 1900's
He is the little guy standing between his parents.
Nobody ever smiled when they made pictures in those days.
This was probably made around 1905.

* * *

My Mom's family -early 1900's.
Not sure what year.
She is the little girl on the end.
She was mad because she had fallen in the creek.
 They put someone else's dress on her, and it was too big!
Then on top of all that, they pinned a bunch of flowers in her hair!!
 She was unhappy to say the least!!!
 Bless her heart!

* * *

My Great Grandfather.
Do not know the year.

* * *

 Thanks for looking with me.
I love old things, and old pictures bring back thoughts of long ago,
And a more simple time.
The world has changed much since these were made.
I am glad I have them!

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